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For those of you who feel less inspired by the tourist guides than by the panoramas to appreciate, for those who wish to have a glimpse of their next vacation or simply curiosity for the destination, our photo galleries will immerse you in the scenery of a region and a multi-faceted country. Don’t hesitate to visit also the blog which gathers practical information and videos realized in the neighborhoods.

  • Fortaleza
  • Aux alentours
  • Le Brésil

Whatever the season, the temperature varies between 24 and 30 ° thanks to the permanent sun, very pleasant to appreciate the 25kms of beaches which border the city. The sea, at 26 ° on average, the sun, the atmosphere of the local life, the green landscapes … participate in making Fortaleza a must spot of the brazilian Nordeste. A harmonious blend of business and tourism offers visitors a thousand and one reasons to stay there. To discover the city on video, visit our blog.

From the Futur beach to Canoa Quebrada, from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara, passing by Lagoinha, Mundau or Fleicheiras … Discover the dunes of white and ocher sand, the raw cliffs, turquoise and emeralds waters and take the time to a trip on horseback or buggy to appreciate these landscapes in total shift with the big city of Fortaleza. To discover all these destinations, go for example in the “Activities” tab of each hosting page.

Brazil … this name alone makes us travel. Country of excess, contrasts and mesmerizing landscapes, the country has no equal. From the Iguaçu Falls to the impenetrable Amazonia, the South American giant conceals large spaces and natural splendors to thrill the traveler. National parks, animal reserves, jungles, waterfalls or beaches drifting to infinity: the landscapes of Brazil exceed your wildest dreams !

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